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Simple Tee :: Short Sleeve

From $62.00 - $72.00

Simple Cowl :: Half Sleeve

From $10.00 - $78.00

Simple Cowl :: Short Sleeve

From $10.00 - $64.00

Simple Cowl :: Tank

From $10.00 - $68.00

Pin Tuck Tank

From $98.00 - $128.00

Raglan Tee

From $54.00 - $74.00

Boat Neck Tee :: Short Sleeve

From $64.00 - $74.00

Boat Neck Tee :: Half Sleeve

From $68.00 - $78.00

Comfy Cami


Ballerina Bralette

From $30.00 - $64.00
Pocket Jacket

Pocket Jacket


Crop Sweater


Eco Friendly Organic Cotton & Hemp Shirts and Tops for Women

Our collection of eco friendly shirts and sustainably made outerwear will take you from sunshine to spotlight, through moonlight to Sunday morning brunch and back again. These tops are designed for transitions big and small, they lend themselves to layering and are often cut with extra fabric around the stomach to allow room for movement and growth. Made with environmentally conscious materials like organic cotton and hemp, these styles shine in a variety of environments, from gentle winters to candlelight dinners. We have something for every situation with a range from long sleeves and sweaters to tank tops and spaghetti straps.