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Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases


Zero Waste Scarf

From $58.00 - $68.00

Mobius Scarf

From $118.00 - $138.00
Zero Waste Tote Bag

Zero Waste Tote Bag


Leg Warmers






Ophelia Undies

From $10.00 - $28.00

How does Texture Clothing strive towards zero waste?

Scraps for us.

We have designed some items to use the scraps left over from cutting out our regular collections. Some of these include: Knit Mitts, Headbands, and Ophelia Undies

Scraps to others.

When we aren't able to use up all of the scraps we create, we sell them, send them to other designers (like Panty Witch), or donate them. 

Office supplies.

In order to close the loop, we purchase recycled paper and envelopes. We use paper, that would have been recycled, to write notes to customers.

Packaging supplies.

We had our Knit Mitt and Underwear packages printed on recycled paper. We reuse boxes for shipping wholesale orders. We purchase compostable tape and compostable bags to ship our website orders. We print our marketing materials (ex. stickers) on recycled paper.

Regular audits.

We are always looking to improve, using the kaizen method. It's important to constantly be bettering our systems.