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5 things you need to know about the Comfy Skirts!

Eco friendly fabrics.

The first thing you need to know is that these skirts are constructed using a blend of 53% hemp 45% organic cotton and 3% lycra. The long staple, soft organic cotton is grown in Turkey. The hemp, which is grown organically as well, is cultivated in China.

Made in the USA.

After receiving the rolls of fabric, we cut and sew these comfy skirts in the Pacific Northwest. We started making these sturdy skirts, with love, in 2006. Our tried and true customers have collections containing different colors & lengths and if you take a moment to read the reviews, you will see that they are still loving their skirts from way back when!

Towards zero waste.

We do as much as we can to get to zero waste and we have used sustainable fabrics from our inception in 2001. These skirts are constructed from a blend of hemp, organic cotton, and a touch of lycra.

Travel, yoga, and maternity clothing.

The next feature you will want to know is that these little gems are perfect for any occasion, dependent on how you style it. The Knee Length is our most popular version, and you can go from cycling to work to out for the evening with a change of your shoes and jewelry. The passport sized pocket in the front is a clever way to keep your valuables safe while travelling abroad or around your own town. Easy to slip on with a toddler in one arm, after a yoga class, or over your tights for proper office attire, this is your miracle skirt.

Perfect capsule wardrobe addition.

The last aspect emerges from this wonderful minimalist movement that is sinking into North America. When you launder this skirt with care (and even when you don’t…) it will last much, much longer than most other pieces of clothing you have purchased. Fitting into your capsule wardrobe perfectly, your Comfy Skirt will stretch/shrink with you if your shape changes from pregnancy to menopause. It is a piece of your wardrobe that will not need replacing for years to come.