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Eco Friendly Knee Length Skirt 

This is how the story will go when you buy this practical skirt: you will wear the Comfy Skirt for 5 days in a row. Your family and co-workers will begin to tease you. You will find yourself on this website again, buying the same skirt in another color. Please know that you are not alone! These skirts are just that good!

The Comfy Skirt is a perfect transition skirt, watch it conquer the bike ride home and move straight to commandeering the dance floor. Ditch the purse and stow your credit card and ID in the hidden pocket at the center front. That pocket is part of what makes the Comfy Skirt the perfect travel skirt! The hidden pocket fits a passport and its 4-way stretch allows for cozy comfortable plane and train travel. The durable hemp fabric makes this skirt last for years, just read the reviews!


If you're looking for something a little more lightweight, the Basic Skirt offers the same cut in a thinner organic cotton material. If you'd like to show a little more or less leg, the Comfy Skirt is also available in Mini, Micro Mini, and Long styles!


52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% lycra 


  • 3.5" waistband, stabilized with elastic 
  • Pocket at center front with invisible zipper (fits a passport)
  • A-line cut; hem at knee 
  • Knee-length hem 
  • Actual medium measurements:
    waist :: 32"  
    hip :: 42"  
    length :: 22.5" 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    My Second (Colorful Comfy) Skin

    I am not ashamed to admit I have a rainbow of comfy skirts, and I recently bought two more. The oldest ones are possibly 10 years old and perhaps even older, and with each washing they grow softer and even more comfy. These skirts -- with leggings and boots in the cold months -- are truly my favorite pieces of clothing. I wear them practically every day. You can dress them up or down and even layer the skirts themselves, with one peeking out below the other. I don't know how to put it better: they are my second skin and I always feel absolutely perfectly dressed when I wear them. The fact that they are ethically made of sustainable cloth is important to me too. Thank you, Texture!

    Always Flattering

    I bought the comfy skirt knee length because I was pregnant and didn't want to buy maternity shorts I would only wear for a few weeks. These skirts became my shorts. Comfortable and breezy. So glad I made this purchase because these skirts can be layered with tights or leggings during the winter over my pregnant belly. And will carry me through the birth and the seasons to come. Another quality product, worth the price. I'd rather spend my money on a product that I love and will last and helps me love my body. Always a flattering fit no matter my size.

    comfy and indestructible!

    I just bought my 2nd & 3rd comfy skirts after having my first for about 4 years now. It went from being a little scratchy (the hemp) to being so well worn and soft but still completely intact, that it is my favorite item of clothing. I bought it initially for travel. The front pocket is so well disguised and so big that it will hold your passport and all your paper money and a few coins. With a sweater over or a tunic the cache is completely hidden and you can slide in there to grab a few quetzales or whatever. If the zipper is left open, nothing falls out. I am 65 yrs old and have a little tummy but the fit is flattering and the length is just at the knee. Perfect. I was a little skeptical about the hemp but bought this for my trip to Mexico & Guatemala. Now I am so in love with this skirt, I own 3. Great job! Also, when I called Texture to order the skirt, the service was personal and terrific. Thanks, Texture!!

    low the skirts

    skirt is awesome. the colors are vibrant but still organic. i got peacock.
    love the size, fits me perfect and I'm not tiny, Im small but not tiny 5ft7in and 120lbs
    thanks love it!

    My second fave Texture skirt

    The fit, the style, the color ... the designer. I love them all!!

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