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Teresa Remple

In the early 90s, whilst working on a BA in Biblical Studies in a Seattle suburb, I started a li’l business offering hair wraps to anyone with hair longer than 4”. My team and I would set up at street fairs and music festivals all over the Greater Seattle area. (Sidenote: if you got a hair wrap between 1992 and 2008, it was most likely from me!)

I wanted to support my fellow vendors and purchase their handmade clothing but the majority of it just didn’t fit my body. I had gained a lot of weight because I had an (undiagnosed) autoimmune disease called Hashimotos Thyroiditus. I was extremely uncomfortable in my skin and exercise made me look like an over ripe tomato, ready to pop. I wore unflattering, baggy clothing.

Small designers tend to make clothing for their body types and all of my colleagues were thin framed hippies. I would try on an XL and it would not fit me. Texture Clothing was born out of desire to construct clothing that fit my particular pear shaped curves. I wanted to offer the rest of us some options. I had started to teach myself to sew at the age of 12, so I decided to go to night school to learn more about pattern drafting and garment construction. In all areas of my life I have been drawn to recycling and striving towards zero waste. I am drawn to the “puzzle” of production management and I enjoy finding problems and looking for solutions. 

- Teresa Remple, creator of Texture Clothing





We believe in focusing on love. With so much fear and hate in the world it’s easy to get pulled down by negativity. But love is a verb, and we believe that making the choice to actively love is the power that can help us rise above the rest. Our clothing is made from the best things to help you focus on the important things. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.


Constructive Consumption - teresa cutting


We believe in making thoughtful purchases. We don’t want to sell you something you don’t need, that won’t hold value in your life or breathe life into your wardrobe. We don’t want to contribute to the ‘fast-fashion’ consumption culture. Sometimes we want to buy something to mark a time, experience, or relationship we want to remember. Other times we use “retail therapy” to distract us from the things we don’t want to remember. Perhaps we don’t really have the money, but we put it on credit anyway. We want to encourage you to live in a deliberate way: ask yourself if this item will bring you joy. Ask yourself if you have an actual need for the item and if you can see yourself using it. Texture Clothing is about positivity, not pressuring you into anything. We produce long lasting high quality clothing that wants to be wanted! If you purchase something from us, prepare to have that item in your life for a long while! : )


Positive Body Image


We believe in celebrating our bodies by treating them with respect. Are any of us perfect at this? No. Do we all have bad days along with the good? Of course. Let’s keep moving forward with loving our bodies anyways! We have so many customers who enter our space and talk about the attributes they don’t like about their bodies. We had no idea that there were women who don’t like their knees, or their shoulders! It’s really made us pay attention to how we talk about our own bodies. After hearing so many gorgeous women put down their bodies, we have different feelings about the parts of our bodies that we used to fixate on. But we are all uniquely imperfect, so let’s come together in support to celebrate that fact!

May all women who step foot in our shopping spaces or visit our website feel safe and free from judgement. May your piece of Texture Clothing add forward momentum to the quest we’re all on to wholly love and accept ourselves!