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Fingerless mittens for men, women, and children from Texture Clothing 


Eco friendly fabrics.

We make these from a beautiful blend of hemp and organic cotton with a touch of lycra. We use a ribbing on the top, so it's more comfortable around your wrist.

Towards zero waste.

Creating fashion in a sustainable way, we use our scraps, so that we throw less in the landfill. Getting to zero waste has been a goal of ours since day 1. Most of these fingerless mitts are made with the extra pieces from making our Comfy Skirts!


We use a different color on each side of the Knit Mitts, except for black. We make both sides black. 

Made in the USA.

We cut and sew these little cuties in the Pacific Northwest! We have a factory in Bellingham, WA and our home sewists live in Seattle, WA.