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Knit Mitts® :: S/M :: BLACK



Hemp and Organic Cotton Fingerless Mittens

*Please note that we also make the Knit Mitts in assorted colors!

This listing is for our women's black fingerless mittens! We make them from the scrap fabric leftover from cutting out other styles. The hemp fabric is so durable and the organic cotton (with a touch of spandex) makes them soft and stretchy. Knit Mitts are the knockout knuckle-warming classic that keeps customers coming back again and again. Our fingerless mittens are the perfect transition piece for those long months that aren’t quite cold enough for you to surrender your mobility to the full suffocating restriction of gloves. These versatile, forearm-high wonder warmers will become your go-to solution for keeping cozy through a mild winter or just weathering a workday under the A/C vent. Because Knit Mitts are made from upcycled scraps of the super soft extra stretchy sustainable fabrics you already love, we’re always rolling out new color combinations. When you run out of excuses to buy more for yourself, grab a pair to share! Texture’s trusty handy hand warmers are great for gift giving since everyone will already be asking where you got them anyway.

52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% lycra5

  • Machine washable
  • Made from scrap fabric
  • Reversible
  • Measurements:
    finger opening :: 6"
    wrist :: 6"
    length :: 11"

How do customers use our Knit Mitts? Let us count the ways….

Playing in a marching band. Riding your bike. Walking your dog. Eating a veggie burger. Holding a hot mug. Typing in a cold office. Gardening. Picking berries. Hailing a taxi. Baking muffins. Walking on a cold night. Making jam. Playing guitar. Knitting. Crafting. Cleaning your house. Reading a book. Writing a book. Making jewelry. Speaking sign language. Driving your car. Skateboarding. Using your smart phone. Dancing. Looking cool. Golfing. Sewing. Texting. Riding the bus. Giving a thumbs up. Crocheting. Doodling. Sailing. Hitchhiking. Holding hands. Jumping rope. Roller skating. Building a deck. Doing your hair. Camping. Picking flowers. Fixing your kitchen sink. Making a fire. Finding change in your purse. Weaving. Watering your plants. Playing cards. Painting. Cooking breakfast. Writing a love letter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sue Darms (Northampton, US)
Knit Mitts

These knit mitts are the best! I first found them at the Fremont Fair at least 15 years ago. I love how they keep my wrists warm and give them a little compression, which my arthritic hands really enjoy. I've owned several pairs over the years and given them as gifts to my favorite people. Great product and great company.

Kim Bachman (Bellingham, US)
Love since 2010

I have been wearing knit mits since I first found them in the Bellingham Farmers Market around 2010. I have bought many as gifts, yet are more for myself. As I tend to be wear them out, I have found it by turning them inside out you extend the life. They are pricier, yet so worth it. The warmth and flexibility they offer exceed anything else out there comparable.

J. (Berlin, US)
My cold weather staple

I buy at least one new pair of these every fall. I wear them from October to April, every single day.
They're very durable, wash easily, and look super cool. I work with my hands, and have long nails, and these leave my fingers free, while keeping me warm.
I honestly don't know what I would do without them!

Joanie Fullen (Norfolk, US)
Excellent Quality

These are by far the best fingerless gloves I've ever owned and if I ever lose them I'll buy them again!

Kristi Youd (Walla Walla, US)
I love these gloves

I bought a pair 5 years ago and wore them out! I have since found them on line and ordered 2 more pairs for myself and 6 pairs for gifts. They are the best for keeping hands warm but fingers free. I wear them all fall and winter.

Sarah Dylan Jensen (Lake Stevens, US)
Necessity Accessory

I've owned Knit Mitts for years, they are such a versatile accessory to have for the PNW. Soft, stretchy, but they hold their shape so that you don't end up with the equivalent of a stretched out gym sock on your hand after wearing them. The open finger mitt lets me use my phone, write, or do what I need to do while keeping my hands warm.

Alena (Vashon, US)
Simply the best!

These knit mitts are perfection. My hands tend to get freezing cold, which makes drawing, writing, and typing, all of which I do daily, difficult. Knit mitts to the rescue! I wear them from September-May and they're perfect for the wet PNW winter. And fall and spring. Sometimes even summer. I have larger-than-average hands, and buy the S/M size because I like the snug fit, which also helps warm up my hands. I did try the large at one point, but found the looser fit didn't keep my hands as warm. I have three pairs right now so I can have one pair on, one pair in the laundry, and one pair misplaced somewhere in my house. They're high quality and hold up really well, and I'll continue buying and wearing these forever (so please don't stop making them, at least until I die). Knit mitts fangirl for life!

Angel Brave (Marysville, US)
Adventure Mitts!

Purchased a pair for my adventuring kid, and she loves them! She can get them as dirty as she likes because she’s not borrowing mine anymore. Put them immediately and wore them all evening. Thank you for making these; they’re great for adventurers!

Carla Goodrich (Hiawatha, US)
Knit Mitts

The Texture knit mitts are the best! The fit is true to size and for my small hands and the fabric is very soft, unlike other knit mitts I've owned. Thank you!

Victoria (Gloucester, US)
Best Ever!!

As a New Englander, I find these to be the best gloves I have ever owned! This is my 4th knit mitt purchase because I wear them all year round and needed a new pair to put into rotation. I love the feel and durability. Plus, I am elated to be supporting such an amazing business. I wish I had the funds to get a proper garment from Texture. After reading a few reviews, I decided to go with the s/m for the first time. In the past, I have gotten the m/l because I have larger hands for a lady and in the winter time they’re perfect because you can tuck sleeves into the top of the knit mitt (and they were the only size available on Sock Dreams.) Upon first wear, the gloves are indeed more snug than the m/l which is what I wanted because the fabric eases over time. Bonus: a hand written note and a sticker. I could not be happier with my purchase!

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