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Hemp and Organic Cotton Underwear

Do I want to give you personal information about my underwear drawer? Not really. But I will because you asked so nicely.

I spent years of my life being uncomfortable in my underwear. So much so, I would go commando when possible, even though I wore skirts 90% of the time- yikes! I finally got serious and set out to find the best, most comfortable pair. I spent a lot of time, a lot of money, and bought a lot of underwear. None of them made me happy. I know, I know- happiness can only be found within- but it’s so much easier to be happy while wearing comfortable skivvies, isn’t it?

It was then I decided to create my own undies: Ophelia Undies. Being pear shaped with some extra cuddliness in my hip and stomach area, I didn’t want them to be too tight and show through what I was wearing. I designed a cut that’s not too tight at the waist and leg openings and sits low and comfy on your hips. I made the first few pairs using soft sustainable fabric scraps set aside while creating another collection. Then I realized I’d hit on another way to upcycle materials that would have otherwise gone to the landfill AND save my customers from the same endless undie quest I’d just concluded.

Ophelia Undies will last a long, long time because of our quality sewing and fabric - not the usual, pesticide-coated, short-staple cotton that wears thin and falls apart soon after purchasing. I’ve literally had the same pair of Ophelia Undies for five years!

*Please note that there are no returns or exchanges for undies

Clifford Red, Heather Charcoal, Jet Black, Milky Way :: 95% organic cotton / 5% lycra

All other colors :: 52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% lycra

  • Elastic in hip and leg openings
  • Waist band measurements:  
XS- 26"  
S- 29"
M- 30"
L- 33"  
XL- 34"

Questions about sizing? Ask us!

Questions about laundering? Read our blog post! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Katherine C. (Seattle, WA, US)
My Favorite

These are my preferred underwear, comfortable and long lasting in a variety of fun colors!

I’ve tried others, but I always come back to these. ❤️❤️❤️

Devin (Seattle, WA, US)
Best undies EVER

I am so pleased with my growing collection of Ophelia undies! They are so comfy, they hold their shape well, and yes…I love the colors! I can’t recommend them enough.

Betsy B (Moscow, ID, US)
They're great and I'm stoked!

These underoos made me a little nervous when they arrived, because they look 'cheekier' before putting them on than they do on the models; and because, like other hand-cut hand-sewn high-quality natural unders I own, there is some noticeable variation in dimensions between pairs. Second thing first: all of them fit comfortably and I'm stoked (in the case of the others I have, I had to give 2 pairs to a skinnier friend, they were just too small, despite being the intended same size). First thing second: they ARE cheekier than they appear in the photos, but after getting used to where they ride, I don't feel the need to adjust them, and they do not give me wedgies! I love the colors. The sturdy feel of the fabric is nice, I mean I love it as a skirt, but I was curious as skivvies, and it's great. I really look forward to investing in a few more pairs as those others I have wear out!

Oh Betsy! Thanks for giving a 5-star review even when you noticed that the undies of the same size fit differently! Would you believe that I have used the same pattern pieces for 15 years?? I think it's the lycra in the fabric that shifts...otherwise I don't know!

L.Y.S. (Lynden, WA, US)
They Breathe!

Not only are these Ophelia Undies a great investment (some of mine have lasted 7 years!) as well as being good for the economy and the landscape, they feel great on my body! They are, as far as I am concerned, hypo-allergenic and they breathe. AND YES for supporting our local artisans!!

Allison (Portland, OR, US)
Great style, durability and colors!

Always on the lookout for well-designed, well-made and durable underwear - these check all the boxes! Love the colors and they are very flattering, stay in place.

Sarah Vautaux (Bellingham, WA, US)
Still the Best Little Panty Ever

I’ve been wearing these undies for too many years to count. I just recently bought a few more pairs and they fit exactly the same and are as soft and comfortable. They stay put and don’t ever call my attention while wearing. For me the perfect panty!! Please don’t change a thing.

Erin L (Portland, ME, US)
Nothing better than Ophelias!

Ophelia’s are the most comfy, high quality, well-constructed, and perfect fit of an undie in existence! The material is soft, beautiful, supportive, long-lasting, feels good on your skin, and works with anything you plan to wear. And how can you even beat the fun color and pattern options, along with supporting a sustainable (hemp/organic), women-owned business right here in the US? I’ve swapped out half of my undies with these and plan to do a 100% Ophelia undie drawer takeover in the coming months. I’m absolutely done buying cheaper, commercially produced undies that are low quality and eventually fall apart. Thank you Teresa!

Helen Zuman (Poughkeepsie, NY, US)
love my new undies

I love my new undies! They are sleek yet comfy, and I love the colors. Also I feel great knowing I'm going the extra mile to take care of myself.

Noelle Gillies (San Jose, CA, US)
durable and comfy

I first bought some of your undies 4 years ago. They have held up really well, but it was time to buy new ones. People might hesitate to pay this price for undies but I see them as an investment: you're helping the environment by not throwing out cheap and flimsy synthetic undies that are more widely available, you're buying made in the USA clothing and they are very comfy to boot. Highly recommended.

Paige Pearson (Seattle, WA, US)

Love these undies! Fits true to size. Quality fabric and durable construction AND amazing customer service! Thank you!

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