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Eco Friendly Knee Length Skirt 

This is how the story will go when you buy this practical skirt: you will wear the Comfy Skirt for 5 days in a row. Your family and co-workers will begin to tease you. You will find yourself on this website again, buying the same skirt in another color. Please know that you are not alone! These skirts are just that good!

The Comfy Skirt is a perfect transition skirt, watch it conquer the bike ride home and move straight to commandeering the dance floor. Ditch the purse and stow your credit card and ID in the hidden pocket at the center front. That pocket is part of what makes the Comfy Skirt the perfect travel skirt! The hidden pocket fits a passport and its 4-way stretch allows for cozy comfortable plane and train travel.  


If you're looking for something a little more lightweight, the Basic Skirt offers the same cut in a thinner organic cotton material. If you'd like to show a little more or less leg, the Comfy Skirt is also available in Mini, Micro Mini, and Long styles!


52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% lycra 

  • 3.5" waistband, stabilized with elastic 
  • Pocket at center front with invisible zipper (fits a passport)
  • A-line cut; hem at knee 
  • Knee-length hem 
  • Actual medium measurements:
    waist :: 32"  
    hip :: 42"  
    length :: 22.5" 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    New to Texture? Start here.

    This is the Texture Clothing gateway drug. It was the first Texture piece I bought before I knew who Texture Clothing was. It is the most perfect skirt in the whole world. The cut flatters everybody. The length is just right for very occasion. I wear this skirt to work. To concerts. To the park. To the beach. I have many of these skirts. When I don't know what to put on, this is what of go for and it makes me feel cute and put together. Can't say enough about how great and versatile this skirt is.

    My Go-To Skirt

    I've been wearing the comfy skirt almost daily since 2011 when I found them online. I bought two of them to start; this steadily increased to seventeen.

    They fit my curves (I am 5'4"; size 10-12), and I love the flexibility with the length: wear it a bit high for a shorter version, or wear it around the hips to make it longer. The waistband is wide which provides both comfort and a secure fit without being tight. The fabric is soft, drapes and flows nicely and flatters every figure. They have a hidden pocket in the waistband, so I can stash my keys or some cash and go about my day virtually hands-free. The stitching and seams are like iron, and the fabrics hold their color and shape nicely. In the last seven years I've only replaced two skirts, and this was just because I wore them constantly and the color faded from over use. I never tossed out the old ones, and I will wear them out for more casual activities now. I am hard on clothes, and I haven't figured out how to wear these out yet.

    The skirts are flexible in their use, too. I can wear it to work with other Texture tops and look professional and put together, or I can put on a t-shirt and sneakers and head out for a day of errand running or coffee with friends. I've worked, biked and hiked in my skirts, so they are truly worth the investment because they go from day to night wear easily. No matter where I go or what I do, I am always asked about my skirts.

    I will offer one caution when purchasing: you will fall head-over-heels in love with them, and you will find yourself buying more than one. You've been warned :D


    The perfect skirt! Comfy, wide waistband, all way stretch, durable and eco-friendly material and great colors - there is a reason that this skirt has so many fans! I wear my Comfy skirts year round and absolutely love them! I am 5'5" and it hits around my knee or just above. I am around a 10-12 and the size Large is the most comfortable for me currently, but the fabric is so forgiving that I also have a couple in a size Medium as well. You truly can't go wrong with these skirts!

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