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Wide Scarf






The Wide Scarf is an extremely versatile cover that keeps you stylish and warm. The wide length and long ends allow you to tie it in multiple ways or to wear it draped as a shawl. The various fabrics make it great for summer or winter looks. They are already a hit with Texture Clothing staff, especially with our production assistant and models. So grab yours before they snag them all! 


The linen and organic cotton scarves are extremely soft and are great for draping. The hemp scarves have a bit more texture but still have the same features we love about the others. Not sure which one would work best with your wardrobe? We recommend trying both! Or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in your decision.


Dimensions :: 3' by 6'


We make these with the same fabrics we are working with for the rest of our Texture Collection so the materials may vary. Possible fabric content includes the following...

Moss :: 100% linen

Pine and Slate :: 100% hemp (pre-washed)


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