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Casual Wide Legged Flare Posh Pants by Texture Clothing 

Posh Pants are our bold answer to the skinny jean movement. These are made from the same tried and true material that we use for Comfy Skirts. These wide leg pants made from organic cotton and hemp are impressively comfortable and very versatile. Layer them with one of our skirts or dress them up for a big night out. Perfect for lazy Sundays or a relaxed yoga session. It's not hard to strut with these flares floating around your ankles. We love curves here at Texture Clothing, and these pants will love yours!

We have sold out of Black Posh Pants. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when we have more in stock!


52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% lycra
  • 3.5" waistband stabilized with elastic
  • Actual medium measurements:
    waist :: 32"  
    hip :: 39" 
    inseam :: 32"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Over the last decade or so I've purchased five pairs of posh pants. They're ideal in so many ways, and I've yet to find another soft, stretchy, and classy kind of pant. I wear them to concerts, to work, around the house; last week I wore them bowling. I'm planning an outfit around them for an upcoming wedding in the woods.
I'm 5'6" and about 130, and I prefer the XS but also have a size S that I'm more inclined to wear to work as they're a little less booty-emphasizing. I'm already planning to buy another pair as the brown set I bought 6 or 7 years ago are starting (yes, starting) to wear a little thin in spots.


I was not disappointed in my second pair of these pants! The fabric is first class and you can tell it’s not the cheap stuff from out of the country. I am a size 12 and ordered the large. I am 5 foot nine with a 34 1/2 inch inseam and they are perfect with sandals. I can’t wait for the weather to get a little cooler so I can wear my new bun warmer!

The raddest

I love these pants! You can dress them up or wear them casual. They are crazy comfortable and well made. The fabric blend is natural, breathable, and stays cool. New favorite pants for sure.

Ultimate comfort

These pants seemed a bit pricey when I first encountered them, but they're absolutely worth it. Super comfortable and durable fabric that's warm in winter and cool in summer; and a comfy, flexible fit, especially if (like me) your weight tends to fluctuate. This is not my first pair (and probably won't be my last). :-)

One Pair is Not Enough !

I bought my first pair of Posh Pants back in 2012 and was hooked. I rotated between 2 pairs for the better part of 4 years, thru pregnancy et all. These pants are by far the most versatile and comfortable pants you will ever own. You may see the price tag and scoff - don't. They are well worth the investment and trust won't be satisfied with just one pair.
The fit is perfect - which is hard for me to say often in the world of attire. I am almost 6 feet tall, 150 lbs. My inseam is 34" - yet these Posh Pants hit my ankle at just the right spot. They have a bit of weight to them (hello, there is a lot of fabric happening) but they stay put. They make your rump look sweet, don't give you a muffin top and can be easily dressed up or down.
I'm a fan of them in the summer with chacos and a tank top. Winter - blundstones and a cropped sweater! I also love wearing them with my approach shoes and a hoodie. They are a steady go to in my wardrobe.
Now, the craftsmanship! Super well made and CONSISTENT. I've had 4 pairs over the last 6 years, they have all fit exactly the same. They wash up well in cold water, and line dry rather quickly. They keep their shape. I'm not sure about shrinking, because I would never wash them on hot or tumble dry. The ladies at Texture have always been great to deal with.
Lastly, be warned - people will compliment you on these pants. Strangers will stop you, and ask where you got them. It's up to you want to share a gem like Texture to the world? Or keep Posh Pants your best kept secret???? Stop reading this and buy a pair already. You will not regret it.
P.S. I wear a size medium and would never have to go up a size, even if I gained 15 lbs.

Lindsey!! Thanks for writing about your Posh Pant experience : ) Your writing captivated me! I'm really glad to hear that you have had such a positive experience. Thanks for sharing it.

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