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Leg Warmers


Hemp and Organic Cotton Reversible Leg Warmers

Get a leg up on the competition, and pull on our new favorite accessory! Introducing the ever-cozy, undeniably stylish, and incredibly durable Leg Warmers! Whether you are displaying them over your favorite boots, skimming your comfiest sneaks, or just putting them on for a fireside snuggle, they will become your go-to transition item. You’d be amazed at the difference a little extra warmth around your legs makes, helping you carry your summer closet into fall and beyond.

Ruching on the side seams and elastic sewn into the top seam ensures these warmers won't fall down. Did we mention they’re REVERSIBLE? Because of the double layer, you can fold the fabric over the top edge for a peek of another color or turn the whole thing inside out to twist things up.

52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% spandex
    • Elastic in top seam
    • Elastic in side seams
    • Bottom is shaped like a spat with extra material to cover shoe
    • Reversible

Questions about laundering? Read our blog post! 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Renee Maas (Saint Paul, MN, US)

      Great quality and a company I’m pumped to support!

      Schorré (Davis, CA, US)
      The Perfect Cool Weather Accessory

      It was a cold day when my leg warmers arrived. I put them on right away to test them out around the house. I happened to be wearing joggers with low socks exposing my ankles. My legs went from slightly chilled to warm and toasty within minutes. I bought two pairs, one in black/knit print and one in fern/lime. Functional and fashionable. Another winner from Texture Clothing!

      Julia Brobbel (Vancouver, BC, CA)
      Super cute!

      I get compliments every time I wear them and I love that they are reversible ❤️

      Kate (San Rafael, CA, US)
      I didn’t know I needed these….

      I wear my legwarmers all the time!! It is a perfect layer on chilly days over Capri leggings to keep my legs and ankles warm on chilly days, or instead of tights with a dress or skirt. I have large calves so things like this don’t tend to work for me, but I wear them w the elastic at the bottom, and they still stay up, especially over capris. I need more!

      MeganG (Soap Lake, WA, US)
      I have a leg warmer addiction

      Ever since I discovered their leg warmers I have been buying them. Sucks that I moved farther away from their place of business but I still love them and will buy them. I even love the knit mits.

      Tracy Sehmel (Fairbanks, AK, US)
      I want to die in these.

      You can’t underdress in Fairbanks, AK. Diesel soaked coveralls are standard. But I like to get a little dolled up and have been wearing these leg warmers with an insulated skirt and over boots every day since I got them. I absolutely walked my dog at twenty below. I did examine my knees for frostbite afterwards, but they were fine and it was totally worth it because I was so freaking cute!

      Tracy, you are hilarious!! Thanks for the honest review. I'm so glad the Leg Warmers are working for you!

      ALINA HAIGLER (Guerneville, CA, US)
      Cozy & cute leg warmers

      I had one set of these reversible leg warmers in black and brown and decided to get more in other colors. They work well as layers that can be put on or removed as needed. I’m 5’1” tall 110# and have to wear leggings or tights underneath or they slide down to my ankles.

      Jess (Spokane, WA, US)
      Finally my calves are warm!

      Even though I was alive through all of the 80s, I never embraced legwarmers until now. I absolutely love these! As a heads-up to folks with larger calves, mine are definitely on the smaller end of needing wide-calf boots, and these do fit on me, but are snug (not uncomfortably snug). I am going to wear these pretty much every day this winter - I've never been so cozy!

      Hannah Pelletier (San Francisco, CA, US)
      Best Leg Warmers!

      I recently purchased these legwarmers and I love them! They are so comfortable, cozy and versatile. I wore them all weekend and cannot wait to wear them again. They fit perfectly and don’t slide down. I wore them with the Capri leggings from Texture and a dress. Thank you for making such a comfortable, wearable product that can fit great with many body types. I’m going to order another pair in the other color.

      Gloria (Bellingham, WA, US)
      Love Love these Legwarmers!

      I started off by buying one pair to see how I liked them. They are cozy, warm and wonderful. I don't know how I got along with out them. I ordered 2 more pair after I discovered how much I loved these and don't want to ever be without them. I even slept with them on some of the cold freezing nights we had in February.
      They are fun to wear. Stay up on your legs -- no slipping and having to pull them up. Like another buyer I wear them also with the Texture Clothing's capris.
      There is always enclosed a personal note of thanks from the owner which is appreciated. Thank you to Texture Clothing for creating such wonderful designs.