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Sustainable Organic Underwear for Women | Ophelia Undies

Do I want to give you personal information about my underwear drawer? Not really. But I will, because you asked so nicely.

I spent years of my life being uncomfortable in my underwear. So much so, I would go commando when possible, even though I wore skirts 90% of the time- yikes! I finally got serious and set out to find the best, most comfortable pair. I spent a lot of time, a lot of money, and bought a lot of underwear. None of them made me happy. I know, I know- happiness can only be found within- but it’s so much easier to be happy while wearing comfortable skivvies, isn’t it?

It was then I decided to create my own undies: Ophelia Undies. Being pear shaped with some extra cuddliness in my hip and stomach area, I didn’t want them to be too tight and show through what I was wearing. I designed a cut that’s not too tight at the waist and leg openings, and sits low and comfy on your hips. I made the first few pairs using soft sustainable fabric scraps set aside while creating another collection. Then I realized I’d hit on another way to upcycle materials that would have otherwise gone to the landfill AND save my customers from the same endless undie quest I’d just concluded.


Ophelia Undies will last a long, long time because of our quality sewing and fabric - not the usual, pesticide-coated, short-staple cotton that wears thin and falls apart soon after purchasing. I’ve literally had the same pair of Ophelia Undies for five years!


Also available in a Three Pack!


55% hemp / 42% organic cotton / 3% lycra


  • elastic in hip and leg openings
  • waist band measurements:  
XS- 26"  
S- 29"
M- 30"
L- 33"  
XL- 34"

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