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Knit Mitts :: S/M :: Assorted



Black hand w/ Mottled Fuchsia

Black hand w/ Redwood

Brick Red hand w/ Redwood

Dijon hand w/ Olive

Eggplant hand w/ Redwood

Espresso hand w/ Black

Grape hand w/ Teal

Green Tea hand w/ Tree Frog

Lime hand w/ Navy

Nutmeg hand w/ Olive

Olive hand w/ Navy

Peacock hand w/ Fuchsia

Peacock hand w/ Olive

Pewter hand w/ Fuchsia

Pumpkin Spice hand w/ Fuchsia

Skyfall hand w/ Fuchsia

Skyfall hand w/ Mottled Fuchsia

Skyfall hand w/ Teal

Smoke hand w/ Black

Smoke hand w/ Fuchsia

Smoke hand w/ Mottled Fuchsia

Smoke hand w/ Swamp

Knit Mitts are the knockout knuckle-warming classic that keep customers coming back again and again. Our fingerless mittens are the perfect transition piece for those long months that aren’t quite cold enough for you to surrender your mobility to the full suffocating restriction of gloves. These versatile, forearm-high wonder warmers will become your go-to solution for keeping cozy through a mild winter or just weathering a workday under the A/C vent. Because Knit Mitts are made from upcycled scraps of the super soft extra stretchy sustainable fabrics you already love, we’re always rolling out new color combinations. When you run out of excuses to buy more for yourself, grab a pair to share! Texture’s trusty handy hand warmers are great for gift giving, since everyone will already be asking where you got them anyway.


52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% lycra


  • Machine washable
  • Made from scrap fabric
  • Reversible
  • Measurements:
    finger opening :: 6"
    wrist :: 6"
    length :: 11"

How do customers use our Knit Mitts? Let us count the ways….

Playing in a marching band. Riding your bike. Walking your dog. Eating a veggie burger. Holding a hot mug. Typing in a cold office. Gardening. Picking berries. Hailing a taxi. Baking muffins. Walking on a cold night. Making jam. Playing guitar. Knitting. Crafting. Cleaning your house. Reading a book. Writing a book. Making jewelry. Speaking sign language. Driving your car. Skateboarding. Using your smart phone. Dancing. Looking cool. Golfing. Sewing. Texting. Riding the bus. Giving a thumbs up. Crocheting. Doodling. Sailing. Hitchhiking. Holding hands. Jumping rope. Roller skating. Building a deck. Doing your hair. Camping. Picking flowers. Fixing your kitchen sink. Making a fire. Finding change in your purse. Weaving. Watering your plants. Playing cards. Painting. Cooking breakfast. Writing a love letter.

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Snug and practical

I have large hands but always buy the small/medium mitts ..close fit and they give over time. Great colours and worth the customs charge.

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