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Eco Friendly Headband

Instead of throwing leftover scraps of our eco friendly fabric into the landfill, we use them to make headbands. Because we make these from the same soft organic cotton and hemp materials, you can have a head band that matches your Comfy Skirt or your Posh Pants! Some of our customers are using these as a mask or a face covering. You can keep it around your neck. They are a stretchy, comfortable, and a stylishly simple way to add a splash of color to your outfit! These accessories help us approach zero waste in our production process and are great for keeping the sweat out of your eyes while exercising. Use them to pull your hair back while washing your face in the morning and keep it on while cleaning the house or gardening to enjoy feeling like a fresh fashionista while finishing up your to-do list! Many people purchase them to use while they practice yoga. 

We make all of the headbands 8" wide.

Milky Way, Clifford Stripe, Jet Black, Fuchsia, Galaxy,Hazelnut, Heather Smoke, Smoke, Navy, Olive, and Knit Print :: 95% organic cotton / 5% spandex

Out of stock (we will make more in late February)  :: 52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% lycra

Questions about laundering? Read our blog post!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Headbands that work in a pinch as a face covering

When I'm out biking, it's nice to have something quick I can pull up quickly over my nose & mouth if I end up close to someone else on the trails. Is it a face mask? No, but it's better than nothing! I also appreciate the commitment to reducing waste in the production stream! Way to go Texture!

So versatile, incredible quality

100% COTTON: like trying to find a unicorn these days. I bought 5 of these because the price was right and the colors are all so cute. I've used it as a sweatband for working out, a "dickie" of sorts to keep my neck warm, and a gaiter for running into stores. It's stretchy enough to pull over head and face, but has enough elasticity to not be loose and keep a close fit. Perfection

<p>Thanks for leaving a review!! Just to clarify, we use 2 different fabrics to make the headbands, and you can consult the item page to know which is which. Each of the fabrics have a tiny amount of lycra or spandex to make them stretchy.


These headbands are great. I bought 3 of them since the price was so good and they are nice and wide which you can easily fold over when you wear them. They are quite versatile as they are nice and stretchy but not loose.

The best head cover I’ve found

The comfort, elasticity and durability of this head piece makes it my favorite. Always my go to, love it! I can stretch it to my comfort and cut it to the depth I prefer. So glad I found you guys.

Comfy and Sustainable

This is the 3rd headband purchase because in the fall/winter in New England you need extra head coverage. I am happier that they are now all being made in the larger size because that makes them a great multi-taskIng accessory. I am glad I scooped up the dark grey to match one of my pair of knitt mitts as it is now sold out. The fact that these are made from scraps is a wise and ecological use of the extra fabric. This company is top notch. Not only did I receive my package quickly, it included a sticker and hand written note. I wish I had the fundage to buy a garment. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

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