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The Comfy Skirt!

This is how the story will go when you buy this practical skirt: you will wear the Comfy Skirt for 5 days in a row. Your family and co-workers will begin to tease you. You will find yourself on this website again, buying the same skirt in another color. Please know that you are not alone! These skirts are just that good!

The Comfy Skirt is a perfect transition skirt, watch it conquer the bike ride home and move straight to commandeering the dance floor. Ditch the purse and stow your credit card and ID in the hidden pocket at the center front. That pocket is part of what makes the Comfy Skirt the perfect travel skirt! The hidden pocket fits a passport and its 4-way stretch allows for cozy comfortable plane and train travel. The durable hemp fabric makes this skirt last for years. Read the reviews below!

If you're looking for something a little more lightweight, and without a pocket, the Basic Skirt offers the same cut in a thinner organic cotton material. If you'd like to show a little more or less leg, the Comfy Skirt is also available in Mini, Micro Mini, and Long styles!

52% hemp / 45% organic cotton / 3% lycra 
  • 3.5" waistband, stabilized with elastic 
  • Pocket at center front with invisible zipper (fits a passport)
  • A-line cut; hem at knee 
  • Knee-length hem 
  • Actual medium measurements:
    waist :: 32"  
    hip :: 42"  
    length :: 22.5" 

Questions about sizing? Ask us!

Questions about laundering? Read our blog post!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 77 reviews
    michelle mura (Portland, US)
    love! love! love!

    Been wearing Texture clothing for over a decade. Recently bought my 4th comfy skirt! The new green (Fern) is beautiful! Teresa was great and helpful to me in choosing a length! Do yourself a favor amd buy a comfy skirt!

    Liz Hepner (Seattle, US)
    You can't have just one!

    I just received my gold comfy skirt- what a gorgeous color- it rivals my other 2 fav colors (teal and skyfall). Thank you Teresa!
    This makes 4 in my current collection- and I'm eying the forest green...
    I've lost count of all the comfy skirts I have loved and worn out over many many years.
    For reference, I am about a size 10 U.S. and I prefer a medium for a little give. I also have at least one small and it fits well too.
    You can do anything in a comfy skirt- walk, hike, dance, cook, look nice for work, chill the hammock (ok-maybe not swim??) and they are just so amazing, versatile and... COMFY! Don't hesitate- GET ONE!

    jodi riedel (Raleigh, US)
    17 Knee Length Comfy Skirts and Counting

    I just got three new skirts, including a mustard color. I have owned these skirts for over a decade now... I think. I decided to do a tally. I have 17. I am a teacher, gardener, mom of three, and constantly putting junk in that front pocket. People at my school love to make fun of me as I dig through that front pocket... it can look a little scandalous if people don't realize that there is a hidden pocket in there. I cannot tell you how awesome they are. They have helped me transition through three pregnancies, deliver countless animal births, and just get so flippin' dirty. They look good with sandals, work boots, Toms, or dressed up. They wash like a dream. The fabric is stretchy but holds its shape for multiple wears before needing to be washed. What I really love, are the little extras that I get shipped in my packages: handwritten love notes, suckers, pins, stickers, and sometimes something super amazing like a pair of slippers. It's just a great company, an incredible skirt that looks good on anybody at any age. I'm 5'9" and fluctuate by literally 40 pounds when pregnant but stick to about 165 and the medium does well. Also, after three c-sections, the front pocket and extra fabric does a great job of hiding-ish my "mother's apron" (not that I ain't proud of that scar and the fluff). Thank you Texture for making me feel like a badass while still flaunting some femininity. This skirt crushes it and is worn by me almost everyday of the week and almost 365 days a year. This skirt was featured in this recent video that was released yesterday of me at my job... it gives you a glimpse of what this skirt can do.

    What an amazing testimonial, Jodi! 17 skirts and counting!? You might be in the lead for most Comfies! I'm so glad that you are enjoying what we make.

    To anyone who is reading this, I highly recommend watching the youtube interview of Jodi. She is an inspiration to so many and may be to you as well! <3


    Lynn (Portland, US)
    great skirt

    this skirt is the business

    Tamie A. (Seattle, US)
    5stars for almost 20years!

    I have been a customer of Texture Clothing since 2005 & have several comfy skirts & comfy cami’s. The fabric is soft, but durable making these clothes the building blocks of my wardrobe. I still wear my 1st comfy skirt from 2005! I love wearing the comfy skirt & cami in warm weather - the girls get plenty of support ;-) There is also plenty of ease designed in these garments; they fit well even if you gain a little or loose a little. One suggestion: it would be nice to have matching colors in the skirt & the cami’s so they can be ordered as a silhouette.

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