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Zippered Zero Waste Carry All



Zero Waste Carry All with Zipper

Our fabric is shipped to us in protective woven plastic bags. Instead of stuffing it all into our garbage bin, we made Tote Bags and open Carry Alls from this durable material, and now you have the option of a zipper closure!

These 'no frills', zero waste, carry all bags are sturdy and can hold a heavy grocery haul. They are waterproof, so if you have art supplies, hiking gear, or wet clothes from swimming, it's a great tote to have on hand!

When you buy these from us, you are helping us divert this material from going to the landfill. Thank you for doing your part to support our business and reuse these bags so that we don't add to our landfills. We appreciate you!

  • Height 14"
  • Length 22"
  • Depth 14"

White woven plastic :: 100% plastic 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
AMY in MT (Missoula, MT, US)
Brilliant Bags! Next, I will be using the two bags to hold my sleeping bag, food and necessities ...

This is a brilliant design. I used a bag to carry all of my yoga props for a weekend workshop. It held a bolster, two blankets, belt, two blocks, my journal, extra clothing, and there was still room! The design allows weight to be evenly distributed. Next, I will be using the two bags to hold my gear:sleeping bag, food and necessities to xc ski into a cabin for a few days. I am thrilled that these are water resistant. everybody needs a few of these bags. The options for use are endless. Well done, ladies!

Colleen (Seattle, WA, US)

I continue to find uses for this roomy, versatile, lightweight bag, and keep it handy, ready for filling. This larger size is great for trips to the market, ideal for carrying my exercise gear, yoga mat and props, and useful for weekend traveling. The zipper helps protect my belongings and keep things from falling out. It's a plus that it's zero-waste!

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