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indigo pinstripe

Organic Cotton Fabric Wrap

Wrap yourself in love! This is the versatile accessory you should never leave home without. Wear it as a top, skirt, scarf, shawl, or dress- the options are endless! It can be used as stand-alone clothing or brought along as an add-on to make you as flexible as the weather. This multi-functional item saves bag space while traveling and will earn its keep in more ways than you thought possible. The life-changing Piece O' Fabric is more than meets the eye; use it as a light blanket, roll it up for lumbar support, or use it as a travel pillow! One day it's a sultry beach sarong, the next it's your laundry bag. Thrills and spills are no match for this stylish secret weapon! The luscious organic cotton and beautiful colors will leave you wanting to wear it every day and discover all its possibilities! 

*Disclaimer: This product has not been tested nor certified for use with a baby. It is simply a piece of organic cotton fabric.

Fire & Cappuccino: 100% organic cotton (approx. 90" X 45")

Indigo Pinstripe: 55% hemp 45% organic cotton (approx. 89" X 55")

Questions about laundering? Read our blog post!


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elizabeth Marie (Portland, US)
Large, Light and Lovely

Indigo Pinstripe: the hemp/cotton blend fabric simultaneously feels very fine and delicate, yet very sturdy. Full coverage when opened up, yet can be easily gathered to wear as a scarf and feels light over the neck and shoulders. Thank you so much!!

Cherry (Bethesda, US)
You don't know how bad you need this!

I have 2 of these and they are even more amazing that I anticipated. The large size means i've used as an oversized scarf, a blanket at my desk, or hanging down so it almost looks like a vest. It is SO versatile and the fabric and colors are vibrant and high quality. I find myself reaching for these so often, might invest in a third.

Christina Aziz (Sugar Land, US)

Soft and Lovely!

Katie K (Seattle, US)
Super comfy scarf

I love my new piece o’ fabric scarf. I bought the cappuccino color which is beautiful. It’s plenty big so it’s very cozy. It’s awesome and I want to wear it al the time. Also love that it’s organic.

Melinda (Beaverton, US)
Love it!

I got the SW Blue and absolutely love it. It’s wide and long but lightweight so I can see this as a key piece to many outfits and situations. The length allows for various neckscarf wrapping styles. The color is spot-on to the photos, it’s beautiful and goes well with just about everything. I will definitely be packing this next time I travel... Another winner from Texture! :-)

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