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Piece O' Fabric

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Whisper Black

southwest blue

Organic Cotton Fabric Wrap

Wrap yourself in love! This is the versatile accessory you should never leave home without. Wear it as a top, skirt, scarf, shawl or dress- the options are endless! It can be used as stand-alone clothing or brought along as an add-on to make you as flexible as the weather. This multi-functional item saves bag space while traveling and will earn its keep in more ways than you thought possible. The life-changing Piece O' Fabric is more than meets the eye; use it as a light blanket, roll it up for lumbar support or use as a travel pillow! One day it's a sultry beach sarong, the next it's your laundry bag. Thrills and spills are no match for this stylish secret weapon! The luscious organic cotton and beautiful colors will leave you wanting to wear it everyday and discover all its possibilities! 

*Disclaimer: This product has not been tested nor certified for using with a baby. It is simply a piece of organic cotton fabric.

100% organic cotton

Dimensions :: approx. 90" by 45"

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Customer Reviews

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Piece O' Fabric

The quality and color of the fabric is beautiful, however the piece arrived several inches less in length and in width than dimensions stated. As someone who is tall, and seeking a larger piece of fabric, this was a bit disappointing. The crinkly texture of the fabric also didn't relax much when washed and hung to dry. I did feel like the pictures of the model led me to believe the fabric would be much larger!

Accessorize this

I have always been a fan of sarongs and often have picked them up during travels because of their versatility. This Piece O' Fabric is just like that. Great colors (Texture always gets an A++ for their non-boring neutrals), washable, good weight, and can do whatever I need it to do when I am out and about. Especially excellent as a Pacific Northwest layer that I have used so far for sun blocking, rain coverage, and for keeping warm in the cool summer evenings. Love this piece!

Oh. My. Goodness!!

For the past two years I've been searching for a piece of fabric of some kind to use as a multi-purpose tool when I travel for a bit of warmth, sun cover, bug cover, etc.

I've purchase several pieces, but none of them fit the bill (too small, too thick, too thin, poorly constructed, etc.). I continued my quest with the faith I'd find the perfect solution, and I'd just about given up hope until I found the Piece of Fabric here at Texture. I took a leap of faith based on my past purchases from Texture and bought two of them (Fire and Whisper Black). They arrived the day before I was leaving on a hiking vacation in Missouri/Arkansas. I decided to take one of them on my trip to put it through its paces (Whisper Black), and I am so glad I did.

It kept me warm in the car (my husband believes the AC needs to be on full-blast if the temp is above 70), so I avoided hypothermia as well as using it to cover up as the sun beat down into the car onto my body in an attempt to cook me. Our room had a security light right outside the window of the bedroom, and the window shades were not helpful for blocking it out, so I wrapped the fabric around my head to block the light (worked like a charm!). I took it on our hikes to use for bug/sun protection as well; with the temps at 95+ the whole week, it was a real skin-saver. I even used it to cover up after I took off my swim suit at the pool--I just stripped down, wrapped the fabric around my body, tied it around my neck and strutted my stuff in a crowded pool area on my way back to my room. Nothing to see here, folks!!

When I was a kid, I had a blanket I dragged everywhere with me and used it for just about any possible thing I could think of--blanket, wrap, pillow, tent--and now I have a beautiful, fashionable and functional adult version. I haven't done anything without this little gem since it showed up in my mailbox, and I am planning to buy the other two colors soon.

Isn't it such a simple little thing...but SO helpful in So many circumstances?! I was recently on a plane and the person sitting next to me had applied a lot of perfume. I wrapped the Piece O'Fabric around my neck and lower face and it filtered out the smell. Headache averted!