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Hemp and Organic Cotton Eco-Friendly Fabric Scraps

Do you have a random DIY project and need an assortment of hemp and organic cotton fabric scraps? Help us strive towards zero waste, and buy small bits of fabric from us! 


We only have this box left. If you want more, please email us

Box #3 Non-stretch woven. Some hemp, some organic cotton

*We charge $16 for shipping and fill a medium USPS Priority shipping box with scraps.

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Questions about laundering? Read our blog post!

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer (Portland, US)
Excellent quality!

Lovely big bundle of fabric scraps. I was worried they would be tiny (especially with Texture Clothing’s awesome mission of less/zero waste). But they’re good sized pieces and a lot of them. I mostly make dorky doll clothes and it’s really hard to find good quality earth-friendly knit fabrics that aren’t super expensive or have minimum yardage requirements. I love that I’m able to help decrease waste. I love that I get a good variety to play with. If you’re making human sized things, there’s plenty of fabric here to piece together a patchy skirt/shirt/small dress. I love all of my Texture clothes, but I’m ridiculously excited to play with these scraps!