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Another essential for your traveling wardrobe, the pocket dress is the perfect dress whether you are out sightseeing in the sun or you want to hit the fancy restaurant for dinner. With three discrete pockets, one in the front center and two on the sides, you can place your passport, cash, and coins all in separate places.

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55% hemp / 42% organic cotton / 3% lycra 


  • Halter top
  • 3 invisible zippered pockets :: 2 on the side seams and one at the bottom center front
  • Elastic reinforces the empire waist seam
  • Actual medium measurements:
    chest :: 30"
    waist :: 38"
    length :: 33"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
This is the very best vacation dress

This dress is the first thing to be thrown in my suitcase for a tropical vacation. The material is thick enough to stand away from your body, so you don't have to worry about a sweaty dress clinging to your body! The wealth of pockets is fantastic. The stretchiness means I can use it to cover up when I'm changing into or out of my swimsuit, too.

I'd do anything for it to have a slightly longer hem - with the material needed to keep me decent at the top, I find it's a bit short on my 5'10" self. That's okay, though - I can be a little scandalous on vacation!

Fantastic dress for going purse-free!

This dress is great! What I love about it is the pockets. The way they are placed in the dress, I can easily carry my phone and mini-wallet and go out with no purse! This is ideal for me because I go to a lot of music shows and want to get out on the dance floor without having to worry about my purse. I will probably also wear it next time I go to Tijuana, because I can also stash my passport in it too and it will be relatively unnoticeable. :)

The one downside of the dress from my perspective is that the halter top bodice is a bit odd. It took me awhile to figure out how to wear it without my breasts being quite visible anytime I lean over! Not that I have a problem with that ;) but other people might. The trick, at least for me, is to tie it a bit higher and tighter. The bodice then puckers a bit because the fabric is fairly thick and strong and doesn't want to lay down or flow. But I got used to that pretty quickly and it looks good especially with my denim jacket. I recommend this dress for anyone who likes having the option of going purse-free.