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about texture

texture is a boutique without the pretense. Figure flattering cuts. Not the coffee sack fashion typical of hemp clothing. Lovingly made, deftly stitched, beautifully patterned in the Pacific Northwest.

Above all 'Clothing with a Conscience'.


Teresa Remple is the naturally caffeinated instigator, proprietess, and inspiration for texture clothing. A 21 year veteran of the summer festival scene, Teresa embodies a compassionate, earth first vision for the under appreciated, and misunderstood hemp fabric. A Fashion Arts graduate with a passion for textiles that makes her special, she's all about working hard and living lean. Teresa was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and has lived in Bellingham for nearly twelve years. She started sewing at twelve and founded the company in October, 2002. Her all time style icon is Madeleine Vionnet.


Thiep Le was born in Ca Mau, Vietnam and has lived in Seattle for fifteen years. She is a seamstress who sews a variety of items for texture clothing. She is married with three daughters and her favorite trees are fruit trees. At fifteen, she learned to sew and embroider. As a child she enjoyed performing a traditional Vietnamese Dance and she has sewn for much of her working life. Her favorite singers are Thanh Tuyen, Huong Lan, and Hoang Oanh. She likes to cook Vietnamese dishes such as pho and would like to visit Vietnam again.


Kelsey was raised on the Olympic Peninsula in the little town of Sequim. She loved growing up in the small town noted for its lavender, retirement community, and deer population. She is glad to have found that Bellingham provides similar quirks. Her favorite subject is modern European history and she has an affinity for hats. Today you can find her reading, snowboarding, and dreaming of the day when she can own a dog. She really really likes dogs.


Hailing from the land of a thousand suns, also known as Nevada, Kara has found herself as the newest employee of texture. When she is not spending time with her son, she loves to be outside or embracing her inner chef in the kitchen. Along with her family, Cuban salsa has warmed its way into her heart. Whether she is engrossed in rueda or casino, her joy of dancing always shines through. Music is also an important part of her life and she really dislikes Pandora commercials. As she has said numerous times, “they interrupt my jam sessions.”

Malarie considers herself a pirate of sorts. She can be found crossing oceans in pursuit of new places as she loves to travel or sailing around her favorite thrift stores looking for new treasures. She also owns a parrot that sits atop her shoulder. Just kidding, but she does love animals! She will soon be sailing the high seas of medicine as she finishes up her nursing degree. For now she spends her days cooking, playing soccer, and spending most of her free time immersed in her school work. Huzzah!

A big THANK YOU to all of our models that help make texture look so good: Kate Burge, Gwen Weerts, Mel Scallion, Rachel Taylor, Sarah Dylan, Enid Wilson, Anna Levine, Bekah Laughmar, Nicole Bruno, Callista Morris, Sherry Wright and Brenda Brown. Also, THANK YOU to all of our photographers :: Tim Hubner, Becca Taylor, Nicole Champagne, Corey Warren and Adam Nash.